JustCloud is Easy to Use and Packed with Innovative Features

JustCloud.com was designed to be versatile, powerful, and easy to use for everybody. After signing up for a free account, you are instantly granted access to JustCloud's many special features, as seen below, as well as unlimited storage space for all your data-saving needs.

You'll be prompted to download the JustCloud desktop client that will allow you select the files and folders you'd like to upload, and how often you'd like them synced. 'Apply' your settings, and JustCloud takes care of the rest.

Check Out Some JustCloud Features:

  • 100% Automated Backup
  • Encrypted and Secure
  • Sync Multiple Computers
  • iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Blackberry Compatible
  • User-Friendly Interface

Your Data is at Risk, Protect It Now!

More than 7.5 Million hard drives crash every year! That's thousands of terabytes of valuable data lost every single day. Don't be a statistic! Backup your data with JustCloud.com and fall asleep easier at night knowing that your files are safe and secure on our protected cloud servers.

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Unlimited Storage

JustCloud is one of the few cloud storage providers that offers truly unlimited online file storage. Simply download our desktop application (PC + Mac), select which files you'd like to store, and let our software handle the rest!

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Access From Anywhere

The beautiful thing about cloud storage is the ability to access your files from anywhere in the world! And what cloud storage service would be complete without clients for iPad, iPhone, Android? JustCloud has it all, even a Blackberry App!

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And It's FREE...

Did we mention that getting an account with JustCloud.com is absolutely free?! Combine that with unlimited storage and features like these, and you've got the best cloud storage to ever grace the Internet!

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"JustCloud's additional benefits outweigh almost every other company on the market today, ranging from allowing the backup of large files, extensive file versioning, as well as mobile and standard access anywhere in the world. For a product that is driven toward the cloud market, it is very rare to come across a service offering sync options on top of great backup, but JustCloud certainly ticks these boxes as well"